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Devart Excel Add-ins for Windows

Devart Excel Add-ins for Windows

You can use Microsoft Excel’s’s Devart Excel Add-ins to work with databases and sky data in the same way that you would with regular Excel files.

With the help of Devart Excel Add-ins, you can quickly refresh the physical details you’ve’ve requested in a worksheet after obtaining the precise information you need using Sql or sensory Query Builder. Excel can be used to edit the environmental data before saving it back to the original content.

Included are the following important characteristics:

  1. Interact various details sources to Microsoft Excel.
  2. Perform right in Excel with real-time details.
  3. Simple information modification is possible.


You can set up the data that will be loaded into the statement using the Devart Excel Add-ins. You can choose artifacts, columns, and implement sophisticated information filters using them.

The main advantage of Devart Excel Add-ins is that it enables you to routinely find data from various content places and drive it to Excel with a simple tap, saving you from having to go through the entire buy process each time. You can always access the information in your workbook.

Databases that are supported include Db2, Postgresql, Oracle, Mysql, Sql Server, and Sqlite.

The following cloud-based applications are supported: Salesforce, Dynamics Crm, Zoho Crm; Sugar, Quickbooks; Freshbooks; Mailchimp; Bigcommerce; Magento; Salesforce Marketing Cloud.



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