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Serial Splitter for Windows

Serial Splitter for Windows

A little program called Serial Splitter may divide a meaningful harbor into multiple virtual ports, combine true ports into one digital port, and redirect serial data between real and virtual terminals. In order for multiple applications to instantly get the same data from a single meaningful serial slot, the application equally enables sharing of that port among the applications. Additionally, it is possible to connect multiple docks with a single identify and allow users to button between independent ones.

Included are the following key characteristics:

  1. service between one to many ships.
  2. service between many-to-one ports.
  3. relation between plenty and most ports.
  4. toggle for ports.

Real Com slots are divided by Serial Splitter into a number of remote ones, each of which has the same identify and behaves precisely like the first. The similar data is instantly received by all simulated ports as by the main port. In this way, Serial Splitter enables simultaneous operation of three initiatives on a single sequential device.


All information from a authentic serial slot can be redirected using Serial Splitter to another actual – or virtual-to-serial slot. If you use software with rigid serial-port settings, this can be advantageous because you won’t need to change them; all you have to do is redirect data visitors there.

A useful tool for building intricate boxes of real and remote Web ports is Serial Splitter.



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