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Windows Boot Genius

Windows Boot Genius

A thorough skylights heel utility is called Windows Boot Genius. It you fix operating systems that have crashed or become tainted, as well as assist you in resolving problems with Windows trunk, such as freezing screens and blue screen errors.

A actually practical tool with some good applications is Windows Boot Genius. For instance, you can recover system files by burning bootable.iso files to a Cd or Usb drive and booting an inaccessible system using the boot Cd / Usb.

You have access to a variety of sock rebuild tools from Windows Boot Genius, including register editor, trunk register repair, and boot sector repair.


In general, Windows Boot Genius is a useful tool for getting out of thick occasions. A blue screen of death failure, a system crash, and other Windows sock fail problems can be fixed. For Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / Xp and Windows server 2008 / 2003, you can also use helpful tricks like reset, change, or remove the Windows Local and Domain Password.

Additionally, you have the option to handle a variety of record operations, including backup, clon, and restore Windows operating systems. Challenging pulls and additional removable press can also be used to recover lost, deleted, or formatted content as well as split tables.



Windows Boot Genius
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  6. Vista, Windows
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