How it Works

How it Works

Going paperless is now as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

1. Build Your Forms

Build your forms using an easy to use
drag-and-drop form builder. Toodlebox offers 66 unique form field options. What does this mean? It means that Toodlebox is the most configurable and flexible form builder to date! If you can dream it, you can build it.

Digital Form Solution
Work Order Report

2. Customize Your Reports

Customize your reports and see the data that is important to you. Track inspections, team member form submissions, and your equipment, or just view your submissions. Always there when you need it most!

3. Let Your Data Work For You

Enhance your business operations with a rule-based workflow. Autonomously send emails, update projects, send PDF Reports and push notifications to your field team with a push of a button

Automated Form Workflow
Why Wait?

Benefits of Using a Lowcode / Nocode Solution

Want to See Your Forms Come to Life?

YOUR Pain Our Solution

Web Solution

Our web based solution is your playground to endless possibility. Design your forms, personalize your reports, enhance your workflow, set user permissions, and make your data work for you! It can all be done with our user friendly web based solution.

Mobile Solution

An easy to use mobile solution was our primary goal when designing this system. Toodlebox allows its users to get in and out of their forms as quick and easy as possible to save your company time and money. How did we do this? We make your forms autonomous as possible, large buttons so there are no wrong clicks, scrolling answers so you don't waste time typing, and so much more... An easy way to track your submissions and view the forms you need

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