Software For
Construction Safety Managers

Transform the way your organization views safety, while at the same time enhancing your company's compliance with OSHA, and complementing your EMR Ratings with unrefutable proof of your commitment to safety

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Receive real-time notifications for follow-ups, corrective actions to help ensure that you complete your daily activities.

Notifications are sent to the appropriate personnel within minutes of submitting a report detailing significant events such as near misses, incidents, or new hazard identifications.

Lagging Indicators

Lagging indicators, like injury rates, lost time incidents, and workers' compensation claims, offer insights into past safety performance. Tracking and monitoring these indicators helps you measure progress and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Leading Indicators

By tracking leading indicators such as safety training completion rates, safety culture surveys, and hazard assessments, you can determine whether your safety program is having the desired impact on workplace safety.

Automated Documentation

Documentation is generated and stored for you automatically from performing routine safety tasks. No need to manually scan your sign in sheets or copy and paste files from different programs in order to have complete and accurate project safety documents

Automatic Follow Up

Users are responsible for completing assigned tasks using the app, and follow-up items are assigned to involve them in maintaining a safe workplace.

Near Miss Reporting

Near miss reporting is important in construction safety because it helps identify potential hazards and risks before accidents occur, reveals patterns that need to be addressed, and creates a culture of safety.

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